Jérôme C. wants to play with you!

Sign up for a free Battle.net Account to join Jérôme C. in the Nexus. Prove your might, and you'll be greatly rewarded! Recruits must be level 5 or lower to be eligible for rewards.

Log in and you'll receive:

Log in to Heroes after signing up for Recruit A Friend and you'll receive the resilient Assassin Hero Raynor and a 5-Day Stimpack, which increases your experience and gold earned per match.

Reach Level 10 and receive:

Once you reach Level 10 with Recruit A Friend activated, you'll receive the Ranged Specialist Hero Sylvanas and a special in-game portrait created especially for Recruit A Friend participants.

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Rewards are only awarded in the game region where the initial recruitment took place. For example, if a player in the Americas sends a recruitment link to players in Europe, the recruits will not receive rewards unless they also play in the Americas.